domingo, 2 de marzo de 2014

telexfree new payment plan
The marketing director Telexfree , Carlos Costa , has unveiled the new plan of the company in an official video of the company. Brief Summary TelexFree . Telexfree is a company that is headquartered in the United States, and has great growth around the world , and is working on three markets are millionaires , Tegnologia VoIP, Web Advertising and Marketing. New Compensation Plan TelexFree . You enter Telexfree as an associate membership by paying a $ 149 dollars plus a monthly fee of $ 19.90 . Earnings Indirect Sales . Earn 1% to 1.5 % of sales 99telexfree Voip plan , up to 5 levels deep. In direct sales you earn 10%. new compensation plan telexfree Discloser - Earnings for ads Promotion of the first month : each will receive $ 400 dollars, and from the second month onwards , the family plan will receive the value of $ 50 per week and the Family Plus $ 100 per week. popularizer Each popularizer placed 5 advertisements per day, regardless of package. Requirement for the Family Plus is to have 2 people sponsored directly within 30 days and buy 5 packs of calls. Direct bond In the first 30 days will earn $ 100 for each affiliate , and if you put one on his right and one on the left , receives another 100 dollars. Only the first 30 days . new compensation plan telexfree Activation Levels Recruiting 2 people may earn up to 5 level of your network, but if you enroll 4 people you can earn up to 7 levels of your organization. You must remember that this promotion is validity if you meet this requirement in the first 30 days of registration. compensation plan telexfree Binary Bonus Earnings Whenever you activate a popularizer on the left and one on the right you get 80 dollars. The requirement to have your active binary is to have 5 clients or otherwise change 5cts calling plan , and have 2 direct members , one on each side of your binary. binary telexfree The remaining 2% Weekly Gains for ads The residual charge bonus is based on the weekly earnings of the network, this corresponds to 2% bonus . And it goes up to 6 levels deep. resiudal bonus telexfree TEAM BUILDER You have 5 direct members , you will earn 2% of the global sales of the company. team builder telexfree 1K Club By sponsoring its first 30 days 4 direct people , will receive a $ 500 bonus . 1k club You think about the new plan TelexFree Compensation ? Leave your comment at the end , thank you!

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